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The brightest day is crossed by shadows; the most glorious rainbow is born amid dark clouds. Every painting, or photograph, or tapestry is made up of light shades and dark. Without the darkness the light is meaningless, formless and void.

My life is filled with striving; struggle at work, at home, in my personal life and in my health. My aged mother lies in a hospice bed a few feet from where I’m sitting as I write this. Her moans of despair waft like smoke through the shadows as her life ebbs away. Every cough, every hiccup, every sigh is met with anxious, inquiring ears, ears that know all too well that each tortured breath may well be her last.

In all of this I refuse despair, I thrust it away and cry “Begone, you have no place with me!” The creator has given me this life and I will live it to the best of my ability with courage and grace and pray that when it is done the bright and dark colors and shades will combine to become a masterpiece, beautiful and unique with each part contributing to the whole in some way.

I can’t choose the cards but I can choose how I play the hand.

Walking Into A Minefield

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Marriage is an inherently religious idea which has become entangled with civil law in virtually every country in the world. Here’s my take on it for what it’s worth.

In the United States, everyone is guaranteed “equal protection under the law” by our constitution. To me that means that everyone should be entitled to the same rights and privileges of a domestic union, regardless of what it’s called. If “domestic partnerships” are authorized in lieu of “marriage” they must confer the exact same rights and privileges granted to married partners; they should in fact be the identical legal construct as a marriage. This is just basic human rights and should be unquestioned.

With that being said, no religious body should be required by law to perform a ceremony of marriage nor should they be penalized for declining to do so. That is basic religious freedom and should be guarded regardless of whether we agree with their beliefs or not.

I would go a step further and completely sever the religious ceremony of marriage from the legal status inferred by it. People should be free to form and dissolve domestic unions regardless of the approval or lack of from any religious body. The state should define what marriage is and the legal and civil process for forming it without respect to the teaching and practices of any established religion. People obviously should be free to seek the blessing of their faith in forming a marriage but that blessing should have no bearing on how the state views it.


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Freedom: the absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc. (7)

It is a paradox of the submissive’s mindset that she is never more free than when she is bound to a loving and honest Master. The submissive has the luxury to set aside external concerns and give her full attention to pleasing the One she serves; it is her destiny, her joy and her pleasure to do so.

Merry Christmas

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Here’s wishing you all the hope, joy, peace and beauty of the Christmas Season. May you “Live long and prosper.”

I Will Devour You

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I will strip you bare and lay you out like a sacred feast. I will tie your limbs with strong cords. I will feast on your trembling flesh and savor every delightful morsel, slurping up the juices and wiping them from my face when I am finished. I will devour you, my love.

The Power Exchange

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tumblr_md7xmzF8Pa1qbm7lvo1_500The Dominant has a vast repertoire of words and commands at his disposal. He wields instruments and implements of bondage, pleasure and pain and he holds in his hands the very life and soul of his submissive.

She has but two words; “yes” and “no.”

Who holds the power?


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The acrid taste of leather, the trickle of drool on her chin, the sigh of resignation all signal her utter humiliation beforetumblr_m1kuiwYwT31qbk26xo1_500 him. Why does he do it? Because he can, because she is so damned beautiful that way and because, despite her outward appearance and moans of protest, she is wet, very wet and very aroused. She is his and she will submit to his every whim in order to feel the way she does at this moment. In her bondage she is free; in her humiliation she is exalted. That’s why he does it.


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